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Signs or Coincidences?

How do I know if it is real? That is a question that we often hear. Is what I am seeing, feeling, sensing, or hearing real or am I just making it up? The signs that our loved ones that have crossed over send us can be subtle. We often wish for a bright flashing neon sign that says “I’m alright” to show up but that isn’t the case. Because these signs are subtle, we may miss them or just pass them off as a coincidence. To us it comes down to a matter of mindset and belief. The signs are either real or they are not.

Let’s assume for a moment that the signs are real. What does that do for your outlook on life? If the signs are real, then that means there is life after death. There is a place to go after our physical body is gone. Does that change how you approach the rest of your life? Knowing that death is not the end of everything, does that remove the fear of dying? Does that remove the need to get everything accomplished in this lifetime? Knowing that your loved ones who have crossed over are alright and can communicate with you can help the pain and ache of their crossing. They are still there. You need to learn a new language in order to communicate with them. It can ease that finality of loss as they are not gone, just in a different place.

Now let’s assume that the signs are not real, that it all is just coincidence. There is no life after death. When your physical body is gone, you are also gone. How does that change your outlook on life? The fear of the finality of death is very real and is always looming on the horizon. You need to get everything accomplished as you will not have another chance. The pain and ache of the passing of a loved one is all consuming, as they are really gone. You are living in constant fear as death is approaching.

Becoming aware of the signs that your loved ones send you will take practice. You are not used to looking for them. It is like a muscle that hasn’t been used in a long time. The more you exercise it, the stronger and more capable that muscle of perceiving signs becomes. The more you believe in it, the more signs you will see.

The impact that this belief has on how you live your life is significant. It will affect your decisions and the direction you will take in this lifetime. It will affect how you interact with others. We choose to believe that there is life after death. We have been given many incredible signs from our children and Spirit that prove to us there is something beyond death. How will you choose to believe?

We have a video on our YouTube channel I’m Married To A Shaman titled Signs of Life After Death. In that video we relate some of the most pivotal signs that we received from our children in the first week after their passing. These signs helped to shift our beliefs into seeing signs and not coincidences.

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This concept is saving me from despair. I wish to soak up all information about signs, spirituality, and afterlife. I believe with all of my heart we do not die.😊

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