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Beth and I were recently asked to help with a paranormal investigation. We have often talked about doing that. We believe that if there are any spirits “haunting” a location it may be just as important to help the spirits as it is to help the people at the location.

The group we were working with was an experienced group with plenty of equipment. Our equipment was our ability to sense and see spirits and energy. Some of the people in their group did rely upon how they felt or what they sensed but wanted or needed to verify that with their equipment. Beth and I split our time between working with some members of the group and working with just the two of us and one other person. The location we were at is known for its paranormal activity. We were in the facility overnight and you needed to have flashlights to see in most of the building. There was a lot of activity in the building. Almost every part of the building that we went into Beth, and I could see or sense spirits and energy. Some of those times the group’s equipment also picked up on activity, or there was interaction between the spirits and the group’s equipment.

It was those times when Beth and I could see or sense the spirits and energy and the group’s equipment didn’t register activity that I found most interesting. We knew for sure that something was there, our “equipment” told us that. But from the group’s perspective, there was no activity. There was no definitive evidence that showed something was there, yet we knew there was.

Trusting your beliefs and faith is a struggle with conviction. Some people must have proof, they need concrete evidence to provide them with reassurance that they, or their beliefs and faith, are correct. Some people have a measure of conviction, they trust their faith and beliefs but want proof that helps to shore up and strengthen their convictions. The last group just knows. Their convictions are solid, they do not need the ancillary evidence to give them the reassurance that their faith and beliefs are correct. They don’t just pay it lip service, they have that deep sense of knowing, like the network of roots beneath the ground that supports a large oak tree. You can’t see it, but you know that it is there.

Developing that level of conviction takes patience and trust. Which group do you fall into? If you are not in the last group, what would it take for you to get there?

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This was very good for me to contemplate today! I will use this question for my next meditation intention. Thank you!

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