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Death and Shamanism 


 Death in the West is often viewed as a finality. Religious doctrines, personal experiences, intuitives and spiritual seekers have a different viewpoint.  In this class we will examine how Death is really a transition and not the end. We will explore your relationship and experiences with Death through Shamanic journeys. We will examine what death means for you and how you should talk about it. We will engage in Shamanic Death Rites and their applications. You will learn skills to help you with those that are crossing, and those that have already crossed. This class will meet in person. The cost of the class is $400. 


Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM (approximate 1 hour break for lunch)

Sunday 9 AM to 4 PM (approximate 1 hour break for lunch)

We will be doing meditations and journeying so if desired bring a mat or cushion

For more information or question email or book an online introductory question session for free.


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