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The Awakening

When we teach the Medicine Wheel classes part of the process is to gift the energetic rites of the teachings. One of these rites helps with the seeing and sensing of energies that we don’t or can’t normally see. The rite lays down and energizes energetic pathways that connect the heart and the third eye to the visual cortex. This allows you to see and sense energies that are outside of the visual spectrum. By working with this new “muscle” you begin to connect more fully with the energetic and spiritual world. You begin to see and sense things that are around you that you never knew were there.

I love watching and working with people as they begin to acclimatize to this new way of receiving information. Their sense of wonder at tapping into the energetic world. The reverence that comes with being able to sense the emotion and pain from the old wounds that other people carry. The awe at connecting with the spirits of the land, of the archetypes, or those of nature. They begin to realize that there is so much more out there that they were never aware of before.

I often think about how many people go through their life not aware of everything that goes on around them. I am not talking about the energetic world; I am talking about the physical world that they live in. How many people have limited their view of the world by unknowingly putting up blinders that restrict their ability to see around them. How many people have missed the beauty and stillness of a sunrise or sunset? How many people have missed the joy of watching children play? How many people have missed the smile that comes from that small act of kindness? Too often we become caught up or overwhelmed with life. We get to the point where we can only see what is familiar or right in front of us. We often get led by the views or opinions of others as to what is important and what we should be focusing on.

Developing that ability to “see” what is around us, whether that is in the energetic or physical, is a muscle that you should always be looking to exercise. The ability to perceive all of the various facets of your world will unlock a deep appreciation for that world and your life.

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Erin Britton
Erin Britton
Aug 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I practice "seeing" everyday. So much, that it has become unconscious and just daily living. I would not imagine it any other way! ~Erin B.

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