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Medicine Wheel Class  

The medicine wheel is a path of personal power. It allows us to shift our perceptions of not only ourselves and those around us, but of our world and how we view it. It allows us a path of healing. It shows us a glimpse into the world around us and shows us how to perceive that which can't be seen. It gives us powerful tools that allow us to shift our perception and experience spirit directly, without the assistance of a middleman.

It is through the medicine wheel that we heal not only our own wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, and personal mythology, but that we heal the fundamental underlying myths of our culture and the nature of our relationship with the Earth and all of our relations. The Medicine Wheel brings us into "ayni" -right relationship-with all things, including our past, our present, and our future.
The Shamanic Medicine Wheel program is an inner journey of healing, awakening and transformation.
 - Receive personal initiations into the ancient traditions of the Medicine Healers of North America and the Shamanic Healers of South America.
 - Build your very own powerful Medicine Bundle and /or Mesa to help you in all aspects of your life.
 -  Teach you how to connect with the empowering spirits of nature and your own spiritual helpers.
 - Learn shamanic breathing and how to open sacred space.

 - Spend time in ceremony and alone in nature.

In truth, we traverse the medicine wheel in a spiral with no beginning and end, but an expansion of ever-increasing levels of awareness and joy. When we engage the medicine wheel as healing journey we are engaging more than a set of practical tools that we bring to the western table of perception. What we are really engaging is a whole world view that is rooted in a different mythology than that of the West.

This training is the discovery of love, for one's self and other, while inheriting a system of tools that bring about balance. It is a way of 'waking up' and accessing energy techniques and practices that alter lives.

The Medicine Wheel is divided into 4 parts: The South. The West. The North and the East. 
*Each 2 1/2 day Medicine Wheel weekend is $550.

Call Beth for any questions (920)980-8370 or email


Class 2022-01
South Jan 21-23 2022
West Mar 18-20 2022
North Oct 21-23 2022
East Jan 2023

Class 2022-02
South Sep 23-25 2022
West Jan 13-15 2023
North Apr 14-16
East Sep 2023

Class 2023-01
South May 5-7 2023
West Oct 2023
North Feb 2024
East May 2024

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