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Personal Transformation 


Embark on a journey of personal transformation utilizing the ancient wisdom of the Shamans. Work to shed the stories and roles of the past that limit you. Discover how your ancestors live through you. Connect with Spirit guides and Power Animals for guidance and inspiration. Receive Shamanic healing and learn to shift perceptual states to better understand your connection to the world around you. 


This class will be held online via Zoom. It will consist of 8 sessions held weekly that will range from 60 to 90 minutes. There will be personal work to be completed outside of the scheduled meeting times. There will be opportunities to share experiences both during the online sessions and outside of those sessions.  The class will be recorded and available if you are not able to make one of the sessions in person. 


Pick from either the morning class or the evening class. You will attend all eight sessions in the same time slot. 

          Morning Class 10AM CST                                             Evening Class 7PM CST

          January 25th                                                                    January 24th

          February 1st                                                                     January 31st

          February 8th                                                                    February 7th

          February 15th                                                                  February 14th

         February 22nd                                                                  February 21st

         March 1st                                                                          February 28th

         March 8th                                                                         March 7th

         March 15th                                                                       March 14th 

Call Beth for questions at (920) 980-8370 or email

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Personal Transformation Class Cost $250

Location: Online via Zoom

       Morning Class                    Evening Class      

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