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The Importance of Tears

Over the time I have been doing Shamanic energy work and healings I have had the opportunity to observe and be a part of the release of energy and emotion from people’s traumas. During most healings I am sitting with my hands on the neck of my client while they are lying on their back on a massage table. I am in close proximity to their head and face. As part of the process, I am continuing to check on them not only energetically but physically as well. There will come a point during the healing process when the client begins to struggle, both energetically and physically. I can sense it in their energy body, I can see it in their body and face. They are struggling to hold back the tears. The tears may have begun to slowly leak out, but they are still struggling. They do not want to let go. In some cases, they do not want to let go of that trauma. That trauma has helped to define who they are. There is an aspect of fear that sneaks in. If they release the trauma, they may not know who they are any more. I can see and sense the internal battle they are waging. I gently coax them, “It’s all right, just let go”. As if they have been waiting for permission, the tears, sobs, and shuddering emerge. They have let go; they have surrendered. Once that release is finished, they settle into a state of peace and calm. You can see it in their energy, you can see it in the way their body and face relax, in the way their breathing slows and deepens.

Releasing those tears may seem like a small step, but that aspect of surrender that it took to allow that release is not. How many times have you struggled to hold back tears? What kind of turmoil does that create within you? How different do you feel when you do allow that release to happen? That condition of release, of surrender allows you to shift into that state of peace and calm.

How many aspects of your life are you struggling to hold back? Do you get that feeling of intuition that you should move in a different direction? Does your body and emotions give you signals when you think or talk about it? We all struggle with release, with surrender. Allow those tears to flow more freely. Allow yourself to experience that catharsis, to drift into that state of peace and calm. Surrender to step into, instead of struggling and holding that fear.

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😭😊 Excellently conceptualized, glad I read this!

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