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More than Just a Dream

These are my communications with my children when I was asleep. They could be called dreams, but they are much more than that. They are interactions up close and personal in the spirit world. In each case, when the communication was finished, it felt like I was sucked out of their presence and I traveled quickly through a tunnel until I was deposited back out into the real world.

I’m in Josh’s room, sitting in front of his brown dresser that used to be a baby changing dresser Rick made for the kids before they were born. I’m putting Josh's clothes in the bottom drawer when I sense that he is behind me. I turn around, grab him and place him on my lap. I hug him and ask, “Where have you been?”

He smiles and laughs contentedly and says, “I’m home.” I’m confused because he isn't here with Rick and me in Waunakee. I look at him, puzzled, and then it dawns on me that he means he is in heaven. He is home.

Another dream: Jessie and I are sitting in her room on the floor. We’re so happy to be together as I brush back her bangs from her face. Her hair is long and flowing down her back and I ask her, “Why did this happen to us?” She looks at me and says “Mommy, I think you should just say, oh, well.” She smiles at me and shrugs her shoulder. I wish it was that simple.

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