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The Mirror

How often do you use a mirror? We all use one to get ourselves cleaned up to start the day. People will use a mirror to check themselves over before they leave the house or before meeting someone. We use the mirror as a tool. Most of the time this tool is used in a critical fashion. We look at ourselves to make sure we are presentable or to find our flaws. We wish the pants or dress we have on fit better. We wish the shirt didn’t show what it does. We wish that the face looking back at us could be different, perhaps younger. We wish our hair laid differently or was a different color. We wish that person looking back at us would have said something different to those that we have hurt. We wish those eyes would have seen things differently and would have made other decisions. The way that we use the mirror will often leave us in a state of longing or regret.

The mirror is a tool just like a hammer is. A hammer can be used to tear things apart, or it can be used to build things. What if we used the mirror to build instead of to tear down? What if when we looked in the mirror, we took time to admire the beauty that we see looking back at us? The mirror shows us our reflection, but we should also use it as time to reflect. Reflect on those challenging times that you have gotten through. Reflect on those times you have helped people and made a difference. Reflect on those times when your small gesture of kindness had an impact on someone larger than what you could have envisioned. Reflect on the love that radiates from those eyes when you are looking at your family. Reflect on the beauty that is shining from those eyes looking back at you.

We all are critical when it comes to looking at ourselves. We rarely look at that reflection of ourselves with admiration and love. Use the mirror as a tool to build, see the beauty that is looking back at you. See the love in those eyes. See what kind of an impact that makes upon your day.

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Thank you Rick! This is so true! Thank you!


15 de mar. de 2023
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I was first introduced to mirror work by Louise Hay. You’re so right Rick. Mirror work is powerful and enlightening.


14 de mar. de 2023
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Thank you for the beautiful message! We need to be kinder to ourselves!

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