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Uterus Failing

I had this dream 8/2002. My friend Jean was in my dream and we’re talking about paint colors for her son’s bedroom. Then I hear Spirit saying, “Uterus is failing.” I wake up and right away I’m worried that this is a message for Jean. Should I suggest to her to see a doctor? I ask Spirit for guidance about what I should do. A few days later, Jean says as if out of the blue, “I just saw my gynecologist and I’m in good shape.” I’m relieved that Jean is okay. For years I questioned who this dream was about.

I find out that it was for me. I had a hysterectomy in 2005. My uterus was enlarged and needed to come out. Jean was important in the dream, because she didn’t care for the surgeon I was seeing. She suggested I see a different doctor and in the end, I chose the one she recommended. But the most important and amazing thing was that I gave birth to Grace on 8/11/2004 before my uterus failed.

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