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Mother's Day

I want to talk about Mother's Day. We all know that it is coming up next Sunday and many of you might be dreading it already. I am hoping to talk about it today and take a bit of the dread away.

For some of you it maybe the first Mother's Day without your child or it could be your 16th. Whatever year it is for you, it is a reminder that our children are not here. But we can change that by changing our thoughts & our energy of what Mother's Day really means. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate being a mother. Each and everyone of you are still a mother to an amazing person. To an amazing soul! Your child knows you love them and did everything you could in your earthly body for them. They are thrilled to have had you as a mother, so don't make Mother's Day about the loss of your child.

Make Mother's Day about the love and life you gave them and everything you did and continue to do for your child! Make it about love! Love never dies.

So this Mother's Day (try) make it about love and honoring their memory of the times you had together. When you think about ALL the memories and is a celebration! Not a day of regret and sadness.

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