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From Survival to Healing

The death of both their children launched Beth and Rick down a long and winding path toward simple survival—and eventual healing. As shock gave way to the cruel reality of their loss, they began receiving messages that proved the existence of life after death—a welcome sign that aided them in moving forward.

As they shine a beacon of light to those who are stumbling along in the terrible void that follows tragedy and sudden death, they are demonstrating that there is a way out.



They have found it, and they are ready and willing to pass it on to anyone who is courageous enough to believe that with death, all is not lost. They agree that a new relationship with those who have passed and a new way of connecting can begin with a little faith, a lot of hope, and a strong desire to accept and be nourished by things that we cannot necessarily explain or understand.

Survivor Support

Energy Healer

Rick & Beth


Rick and Beth Olsen, married since 1987, experienced unimaginable loss when their two children were killed by a drunk driver in 1999. 

They share their story of healing with you now in an effort to help others who have suffered tragedy. 

We Never Left You


This book is the story of our journey.

We have seen the impact that the hope and healing of this story brings, and sincerely wish to share it with others.


It is our hope that you will get out of this book what you need. 

Invite Beth & Rick to Speak


Our journey, as difficult as it is, is an inspiring story. We can now share our inspirational story at your next meeting.   

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